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Hello my special friends, I would like to introduce you to Rob White, author of And Then I Met Margaret launching next Tuesday the 14th.  Rob taught school for 17 years then became a successful entrepreneur and restaurateur.  Rob, as founder of Mind Adventure, Inc., presents seminars and provides training tools and resources designed to help individuals experience the truth about their marvelous potential as human beings. His articles appear regularly in The Huffington Post.  Rob is a philosopher, a storyteller, and an author.
One of Robís constant companions of 29 years is Shakespeare, a fluorescent green, 12 inch Amazon parrot.  You have to love it when you think my companion is Bailey, our Fairy Dog Blogger, who is ever on the ready to lend an ear; and often to share his opinions. 
Rob also believes there are a lot of people who have resigned themselves to believing that if they can live long enough to retire and enjoy their pension that is as good as it gets.  However, there are those who know in their hearts that there is more to be had and I think I can name one for sure.  It is me, I flunked retirement.  I needed something to keep me going and now I have a new name, Fairy God Blogger to mention one.  Then we have many stars who could very well have retired but were active well into their senior years; Frank Sinatra for instance.  Oh and one of my favorites, Bob Proctor Ė one of the most energetic, powerful men I know.  There are far to many to mention here but it is time to introduce you to Robís blog:
If It Works for Me, It Can for YOU!
By Rob White
All that I am today, and all that I have today is vastly more than I could have possibly imagined when I was twelve years old.  At that age, I assumed that the best I could hope for was to sweep floors in a local factory in the mill town in which I was raised.  All of my success, be it in the restaurant business, my East coast and West coast real estate development triumphs, my travels around the world -- all of it comes from recognizing a power that resides in the deep of me, a capacity that enables me to create my personal destiny.
If I can do it, you can, too.  Iím going to show you how. But before giving you the details, let me give you a little background. What Iím about to share is a result of writing a collection of my life stories, And Then I Met Margaret.  In that book, I explore what I call ďepoch eventsĒ that occurred over seven decades of my life -- events that helped me correctly appraise myself so I could evolve from who I was into who I am today. 
There were some key ideas that I had to accept as true before I could arrive at the places that I wanted to go with clear, straight, right action.  I had to accept that if I was to achieve more than I was accomplishing the months and years before, it was crucial that I understand how fluid the future is and how malleable I am.  It was also crucial that I stop resisting the idea that there is a grand design to life, and welcome the fact that the plan gives me the divine right to be the designer of my life. 
When I speak of me, Iím speaking of you, too!
Unfortunately, there are an awful lot of people in the world, right now, who have resigned themselves to believing that if they can live long enough to retire and enjoy their pension for a few years, thatís as good as it gets.  There are those, however, who know in their hearts that thereís wondrous beauty and bountiful good to be experienced at every stage of life.  Those are the few who constantly seek new adventures and take on new challenges to experience life at its fullest.
Here are three steps to help you become one of the few:
1.    Channel your attention on what you want to accomplish today and tomorrow.  When mistakes of yesterday hold your attention like a vise grip, you lose your vitality and passion for the future.  Itís dreams of future achievements that animate your spirit and brighten your view.  You were born to win.  And, if it is to be it is up to thee.
2.    There is value in admitting it when you are temporarily stuck in an erroneous condition.  I emphasize the word ďtemporarilyĒ because itís not your intent to remain stuck, is it?  Two men looked out from prison bars, one saw the mud, the other saw the stars.Ē Frederick Langbridge.  The creative energy it takes to place you in the middle of a problem is the same creative energy that can find solutions.  Are you willing to let go of your excuses, and take responsibility for finding answers?  If you say, ďYes,Ē and mean it Ė answers will come to you.
3.    Learn to rely on Want Power more than Will power.  When you turn a wish into a burning desire, you have Want Power. That gives you dynamic thinking.  In this state of mind, you turn on the faucets of your conscious and subconscious levels of thinking so both flow through to work for you.  Right there is where your power to handle any situation resides.  When you turn to Will Power, you have the conscious mind struggling and grunting and pushing to solve the problem, but the subconscious isnít involved.  Itís like trying to wash a stain out of your shirt, using the cold water faucet only.  Itís from the subconscious that comes hot water (passion and faith), that guarantees the job gets done quickly and correctly.

Simply treating yourself to these three tips daily, until they become habits, makes it apparent that there is an inherent success pattern deep inside of you.  When that is apparent, itís easy to realize that you can make your dreams come true.
Rob White
To purchase Robís book please click here.

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Great blog; thank you for the insightful information!
TL Nash
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