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Hello my special friends, I would like to introduce you to Cathleen O’Connor PhD, author of High Heels on the Hamster Wheel.  Cathleen is a metaphysical minister, dreams analyst, and life coach. She leads several workshops and retreats focusing on dream analysis, spiritual living, and manifestation throughout the New York area.
I believe that dreams are a major part of some of our most exquisite successes.  For instance Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, our founding fathers, credited the philosophy enclosed within the Declaration of Independence to their dreams.  And, the well known Einstein ascribes his theory of relativity to a dream he had as a young boy. I am sure you have heard of Stephenie Meyer, a stay-at-home mom, read on to find out what her dreams produced.  
Channels of Inspiration
Cathleen O’Connor
If you are a writer or rabid reader, then you probably know that Twilight author Stephenie Meyer began her best-selling saga awakening from a dream filled with characters so real and compelling that she could not put the dream aside.  With that mystical beginning to a career and life of fame and fortune, Stephenie joined the ranks of painters such as Gauguin and inventors like Elias Howe, each of whom awoke from dreams inspired to create.
Your dreams are gateways to flashes of genius, moments of inspiration and visits from creative muses.  Writers often talk about feeling as if they are channeling information when they sit down to write, so easily does the information flow.  The same is true of painters, composers, inventors and others engaged in creative work.  With my own writing, I have learned that if I am experiencing a dearth of ideas I have only to ask for inspiration in my sleep and blocks disappear upon waking.   One of the keys to creativity is simple curiosity – the more curious you are about something the more you send that questing energy out into the universe seeking an answer.
The original meaning of inspiration comes from Greek mythology.  The Greek gods and goddesses were the creative muses to philosophers, painters, sculptors, musicians and writers of the time.  The etymology of the word itself means to “breathe in spirit.”  And now you can join the ranks of those who have been inspired from a realm beyond the waking, conscious mind.    Here’s how:
1.  Work with your breath – Take a few really deep breaths before you go to sleep – breathe in relaxation and breathe out the stresses and tensions of the day.
2.  Set an intention for your dreaming mind.  One I often use is “I am open to receiving a dream about ___________________________.”  If you need inspiration for an article you want to write, ask for it.  When you couple your curiosity with intention you create a stronger resonance and a greater chance of success.
3.  Express gratitude as if your dream request has already been granted.  Gratitude is that energy that puts you in a deeply receptive state, the best condition in order to manifest what it is you want.
4.  Make your bedroom and your bed a place of luxurious rest.  Having a regular night-time routine and consistent bedtime is one of the ways to ensure a good night’s sleep and deeper, more regular dreams.
5.  As you fall asleep continue to ask for and visualize the dream inspiration you need.
6.  Be open to whatever information comes in and when you wake up, write down any dreams and details you remember – don’t judge what you are receiving; just write. 
7. Often information unfolds over several nights so be patient with your process of working with your dreams for inspiration.  Think of your inspiration like a flower slowly opening.  My latest book, High Heels on the Hamster Wheel, began as a dream.  I awoke one morning several years ago with a story about hamsters, corporations, women and boundaries flowing through my dreaming mind.  I could have ignored it but I didn’t.  Instead I got up and began writing and the more I wrote the more the details of the dream poured through me onto the page. 

So to all the writers reading this right now, ask for your inspiration and may you have the sweetest of dreams!  I can’t wait to read what you dream up!

Cathleen O’Connor PhD

Go here to purchase a copy of Cathleen’s book on January 21st – next Tuesday, I highly recommend it.

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