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Hello my special friends, I would like to introduce you to Kate Large, author of The Game of Life Workbook: Florence Scovel Shinn's Prosperity Classic - Newly Expanded with Life changing Exercises and Tools that launches on Tuesday the 28th of January.  

Kate also has a website with this mission statement: The mission of Soul Kisses is to touch the lives of the Soul Kiss Community in a gentle, loving, miraculous way and to provide tools to make the journey of living in a human body on Mother Earth easier.  The site has evolved and grown to include comfort for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.  Our sympathies and prayers are with you and your family, including the one who has transitioned.  Please read on to enjoy Kate’s pearls of wisdom. 

Listen to the guidance of your heart.
Kate Large
We live in a physical world that has thrived on fear for centuries.  Our media blasts us with the latest scandal and traumatic event to the point that many people boycott the news.  Media advertisements are also in on the negativity suggesting we cannot be happy or successful unless we drink alcohol, gamble or ingest medication.
But what if we listened to the whispers of our heart?  What if from within us there was a guidance, a "force" of extreme support that held us in the energy of success.  What if failure weren't an option, because it isn't a reality?
I've decided, failure is a perception.  If failure were viewed as guidance for course correction, it would be an exciting instead of a painful one. 
What if you chose to perceive the human judgment of failure as a halogen light dissipating the darkness of uncertainty, by defining what doesn't work?  How limitless would you be if you celebrated the opportunity to learn what doesn't work?  What if you used the information to course correct and refine creating a new reality, instead of stopping forward progress of creation when your brain screams "failure?"
From this mindset, the human perception of failure could be used to illuminate the pathway to greatness!
When we listen to the guidance of our heart that brings us joy, anything is possible.
My dad died October 31, 2005 and his spirit immediately came in and began to help me with my spiritual work through the Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers Community ( In the spring of 2008 he visited (in spirit form) while I was having breakfast and he brought a guest, John Wayne - a very YOUNG John Wayne. 
I was so excited my breakfast got cold.  I'm a fan, so I gushed all over about how much I enjoy his movies, then John fussed at me.  OMG, yes..., he fussed at me!  John and my dad, Big Jim, reminded me about the fear that runs rampant throughout our human race and how each one of us has a mission to fulfill - and I was neglecting mine.  Daddy wanted to write a book about the continued life of the spirit after death of the body to help people dissipate their fears surrounding death and I wasn't listening.
So I listened.  And we did. 
Where there is a will, there is a way.  I'm a DIYG (do it yourself girl) so the research began.  I discovered Create Space, an affiliate of Amazon, purchased my own ISBN, requested a Library of Congress number, got a plug-in for Microsoft Word to format the book, and used an image editing program to create the cover.  And... true to form... the project expanded to a companion journal and meditation CD.
Half a dozen proofs later, one was good enough, so Waiting in the Other Room hit Amazon.
Then I asked people to help me promote it in October of 2009, and they said... yes.  Waiting in the Other Room made it to #14 in our category at Amazon - Best Seller Status!
It was Daddy's idea, but it was me who listened to the guidance within me that, YES, this project that made my heart sing, could be done!  Fear wasn't an option.  Oh, and did I mention I passed out from dehydration because I had the swine flu in the early days of October?  Thank goodness I got dehydrated because the doctors caught it early and medication put me swiftly on the road to recovery.  I missed only one day working on promoting the book.
On Tuesday, January 28, I'm celebrating listening to the inner guidance again with the official release of The Game of Life Workbook based on The Game of Life and How to Play It, by Florence Scovel Shinn.  Yes...  spirits of people who now reside in the angelic realm have been talking with me again and I have been listening!
The message here is that you, YOU, are limitless.  You are limitless when you listen to the guidance within you, that rush of energy that sings when you are in alignment.  And that energy WILL illuminate the darkness of uncharted new experiences to reveal your path to greatness!
Word of advice, share your vision and dream with the people you know will support you - ONLY.  If you are unsure of their willingness to support you, tell no one.  Negativity from others can destroy your creative genius - do not let that happen!
Choose to listen to the guidance of your heart and embrace gratitude with excitement when "course correction" comes your way and know... the world is truly at your feet.  Anything is possible... what do you want to create?

Kate Large

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