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Hello my special friends, I would like to introduce you to Victor French who is sharing more words of wisdom with you today. Victor is the author of Magic in the Word and has learned a few important points about writing and publishing.  Today he would like to talk about what kept him inspired.  Inspiration is very important as you can tell from some very famous authors.  For instance Stephen King says that he tries to create sympathy for his characters, and then turns the monsters loose.  I must say he has done an excellent job of it – some of his stories have absolutely terrified me.  Ernest Hemmingway said, “It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way.”  I thought Hemmingway was very amusing but extremely accurate.  And then there is Somerset Maugham who is quite down to earth with his quote regarding inspiration, “If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a darn (my word, not his) how you write.”  So with this being said I think it is time to introduce Victor’s words of wisdom on what inspires him to write:
What Keeps You Inspired?
Victor French
The question asked, I assume, of many writers is, “What inspired you?”  Quite a variation of answers will come forward in response.  Each writer will have his own moment that can be related.
I believe I read that J.K.Rowling's inspiration came from a dream of which she made notes.  Today we are all familiar with her name and the “Harry Potter” series of books resulting from that original dream and her notes at the time.
Frankly the beginning of the book “Magic in the Word” - a book of acrostic poetry - was merely, in my mind, a twist of fate -  that is partially explained in the blog – (which you can find on this link: )   Having been brought up playing word games it was natural that as I worked on the computer “doodlings” with words was to be found at my side.
A friend, assisting me with a couple of computer problems, saw the “doodlings”  and expressing his thoughts that as an editor (main occupation) he enjoyed the simplicity of the poems scribbled on little pieces of note paper.  He then said do more of those then have a book published.
Looking back I now see that he and his statement was the start of “What inspired me” although I had never given a thought of producing a book.  So how did I continue to hold that initial inspiration?  Put into simple words I realized that I had no idea of how to proceed, that is until I figured that a book had to have some form to follow so I challenged myself to cover all the letters of the alphabet – a rush of inspiration followed.  So a selection of words was made and the poems quickly followed.  Now I was producing a good number of words in poetic form so the next step was to think about a publishing company.
Again a challenge that said you can do it - so I set out to do just that by hunting and picking on the computer for such companies.   One of the governing factors was “How is the budget?”  So finally deciding on a package with a publisher – even not knowing what I was really doing I started to learn quickly the way the book industry worked.  The package encompassed the format and the trimmings for the book – but better still with distribution to potentially worldwide bookstores through major distributors – I was thrilled – so again I felt the question answered “What inspired me”   - it became clear the reason popping up for inspiration was the constant challenge of not only finding myself as a writer but to learn that the project of producing a book could be manageable and completed.
Finding myself constantly inspired by one phase after another I thought more of the book's layout and started to pretty up each page with a suitable icon.  Being a little creative I then thought of the way the front cover should be – roughed a sketch that was then sent to an illustrator that did exactly as I imagined the cover should appear.  After all this work the product was now with the publisher – whom I discovered sent me a list of things to do for promotion instead of doing it all for me.
Digging into my sales and marketing background I again was at the point “What inspired me” which was primarily – do the approaching yourself and open possible doors for reviews and maybe interviews that would enhance the demand and subsequent sales of the book. Making a list of TV stations, Radio stations, Magazines and Newspapers - the more I listed along with poetry groups the inspiration kept burning inside.
So for me to answer the question “What inspired you” it was not just one thought but a series of thoughts brought about by the number of challenges that seemed to be in front of me all the time. In essence the series of steps that brought the book from “doodlings” to a finished item.
In review I would list a few of the steps as:
           a) A comment to write more to produce a book
           b) The challenge to cover all the letters of the alphabet
           c) Seek out a publisher and package I could afford
           d) Create a layout and design front cover
           e) Create the marketing
Therefore potential, or seasoned author, let your own creativity be your ongoing inspiration to bring your original “Inspiring thought” to fruition and satisfaction of your work – and may your inspiration never falter.      
Victor French,
Author of Magic in the Word

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