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Written on April 17, 2014 by Fairy Dog Blogger of One Resource for Authors

Hello my furless friends! I would like to introduce you to our guest blogger this week, Rob White. Rob has begun a new project called 'Ordinary Guru Project'. He believes that if you just open your mind and your heart, ordinary people will come into your life and open doors for you and show you things you never would have seen if you were not open to it. One way he explains this project is by talking about a red squirrel... I think it would be great fun to chase a red squirrel (although I don't think that's what he meant exactly!!)

Why I Started The Ordinary Guru Project

“How do you find the answers you need in order to succeed?” Everyone speaks often about the problems that stop them from achieving their dreams, but few inquire into the source from which most answers come. 
“How does an inquiring mind solve problems?” Every inquiring mind is offered a door that is never closed. And, that’s because the door is to life, and life is always on your side. There is far more in life that is for you than against you. The intelligent part of you understands this, and is always eager to learn something new. Let yourself be wonderfully surprised by your intelligence. Begin by acknowledging that there is a sparkling curious something that always shines bright within in.
If you ever feel that your problems are overwhelming, it’s time to let that notion go. It is utter illusion to take on a pessimistic point of view about the circumstances in your life. Most folks don’t have a clue as to how many times a day that life sends an ordinary guru their way to help them break through a limiting belief or habit. 
When you realize the incapacity of your conditioned mind to see things creatively, it creates an opening for new information to come to you. By the conditioned mind, I mean a closed mind that is made up of deceptive reasoning that offers excuses for one’s failure. This condition causes a hardened attitude, which guarantees a life of hard work and little gain, and that’s because it blinds you from the Ordinary Gurus that come to help you.
There is a way to make a perfect new start. Have you ever heard of the law that states that no person can receive the answers he needs to succeed without asking? “Ask and it is given” has been stated in hundreds of ways down through the ages. How do you ask so that you may receive what you need to know in order to create a world that makes you glow?
I have found that when I am willing to have direct eye contact with life, inevitably the right and perfect person crosses my path, or I have some experience that offers a perfect life-lesson or insight. Life never lets me down. These ordinary gurus can be anything from the albino squirrel at the local park, to the small child at the local ice cream store. 

The albino squirrel continually reminded me of the value of remaining alert to everything around me. The park rangers said the squirrel would be easy pickings for the Red Tail Hawks because it stood out like a bright beacon. That squirrel lived nine wonderful, healthy years and died of old age. The small child, laughing and squealing with delight as she spilled her ice cream cone all over her new dress, taught me the value of having far fewer rules if I wanted to be spontaneous and happy.

I attribute many of my joyful achievements over the past several decades to the many everyday, ordinary gurus that life has sent my way. I do not believe that I would have been nearly as successful in the real estate development business or the restaurant business if I’d not heed the advice that these gurus offered me.

Non-receptivity to the gurus that life offers builds receptivity to doing what you always did and getting what you always got. And thus, the reason for the Ordinary Guru Project. I want to give back. I want to awaken the world to the many unassuming gurus that life is sending every day. I call it the Ordinary Guru Project, and I am offering $9,000 in cash prizes to the winners of an Ordinary Guru Contest where short stories, essays, memoirs, photo essays, cartoons, graphic novels and poems are submitted that help prove my point – if you seek answers so that you may live life more fully, life will always give you the right and perfect unassuming guru to help you with your next breakthrough.
Wisdom and inner strength comes when we look directly at life and dare to ask, “How can I see things differently so that I may live my life more successfully?” When you choose the truth, the truth comes to you. Don’t make a big deal of it. 

Simply begin your guru-spotting journey by seeing that there are things in you that need correction, and be willing to ask life to send you answers. Share an Ordinary Guru experience that you’ve had with us at  You may just be one of the winners of the contest. 
First place wins $5,000! It’s easy to get started, and there’s not a whole lot that you have to do to enter the contest. Come on over to and you’ll get all of the information you need. 
I’d love to hear from you! Rob White

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