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Written on April 24, 2014 by Fairy Dog Blogger of One Resource for Authors

Hello my furless friends! I would like to introduce you to our guest blogger this week, Gretchen Schoenstein. Gretchen is a writer and a runner – a combination that is very important to her and her writing process.  I LOVE running, that may just be my favorite thing to do!! And now I am writing so I definitely understand what she means. Read Gretchen’s blog to learn more about what she is talking about!

Ah, how I love to write. More than I ever thought possible. When I was younger I always wanted to write. But what I had in my head rarely played out on paper. It was discouraging to me. So I held back more than I should have, pushed down my desires to express myself in this way and turned away from one of my deepest wishes. 

Funny enough, so much of my work in communications, non profit and public speaking did in fact include writing. I just never saw myself as a writer. But oh I did write. Constantly, and in different styles, learning so much along the way. Of course, being able to write quickly on a computer and laptop made the ability to connect my brain to my fingers and to “paper” so much more smooth, quick and efficient. There’s the shift.

As a runner, I often encourage those curious wanna-be runners to claim any kind of running they do and own “I’m a runner.” As in, can you run a block? Then you’re a runner. Well, I had to turn that on myself and finally claim for me – I am a writer. I don’t write fiction, I write from my heart. I write experiences, observations, and real-life stories. The old “call ‘em like I see ‘em”? I write it like I see it. 

Even with constant material – when you’re writing from life happening right in front of you or within you, you technically always have something to write about if you’re in fact living and engaging in life – I do sometimes experience good ol’ “writers block.” No surprise to those who know me, I go for a run when I have writer’s block. And the best thing happens – my thoughts untangle and the flow begins again. Not only that, but I enjoy epiphanies, ideas, inspirational thoughts and metaphors that would only come to me in the connected state of physiological movement. My brain works better because I run. And therefore, because I run, I can write.

It’s sometimes a complete stream of consciousness. Which is not always a bad thing. I’m quite lucky – shhh, don’t tell anyone – in that I don’t do draft after draft after draft. Probably I could use a lot more “technical” writing skills, and include some more self-editing, but, it’s where I’m at now. In my evolution as a writer. And when I do get some input from a fellow writer, I stay present as much as possible. I try to take my ego as much out of the editing process as possible. Sure, that may seem difficult given that it’s such personal writing (as opposed to fiction story-telling) and there’s an art to editing as well. Perhaps I’d probably get my dander up if someone were questioning an experience, thought or idea based on inspiration. But when someone can come through and clean up my sentences, combine overlapping concepts and streamline a train of thought – I’m all for it and have been impressed every time.

So far, all my writing is on my blog, pertaining to the kind of writing I do. Most of it covers my adventures in the art of running. And the parallels to living life well. I hope to pull from many entries of the last three+ years to craft a book to share with others. 

The easiest piece of advice I’d give to anyone is the same as I’d give to a wanna-be runner – lace up your shoe/turn on your computer, take your first step/put your fingers on the keyboard and go for a run/begin to write from your heart. And. Have Fun!

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Posted on: 2014-04-25 at 10:10:33
I love it! "...connected state of physiological movement." It is our bodies and not our minds that are the conduit to our higher self. My daughter also connects better when she runs. You are an inspiration! Thank you.
Pat McHugh-McCormick
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