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Written on May 12, 2011 by Ronda Del Boccio


This week we’ve got another guest blogger for you, a woman we feel great introducing you to because she’s got so much to offer authors, no matter what stage of the game you’re at. Ronda Del Boccio is recognized globally as The Story Lady and she teaches authors, business owners, entrepreneurs, and visionary individuals just like you to reach your ideal customers, readers, and associates through the power of your story.  She got loads of great free advice and many wonderful products available through her website.  After you’ve read her informative blog, check her out at  ~Sandy @ Hasmark Services May 11, 2011 by Ronda Del Boccio, The Story Lady Far too many authors end up with broken dreams because they didn’t get mentoring BEFORE they finished writing the book. You’re about to meet a published author whom I’ll call Cheryl (not her real name). Cheryl had wanted to write a book for years because she had a powerful story to tell. She used a high-priced self-publishing company (really a vanity press in her case) that said her book would have its very own page on their site (for a handsome fee, of course). And they would put the book up on sites like for her to help her sell the book.

Cheryl became very excited. She did not have her own website, so sending people to a webpage or to Amazon made her think she would sell thousands of books easily. After all, the publisher’s efforts to increase web site traffic would mean sales, right? Cheryl had a powerful personal story about the death of her child. She anticipated that because of her book, the media would call on her for interviews and she would get high profile speaking engagements…all because she was now a published author. Three months after her book came into print, she had only sold a handful of books. Indeed, this is the sad truth for the vast majority of authors, because only just over 2% of books sell more than 100 copies. Cheryl thought that simply being an author with her book in print and on a webpage would deliver the world to her doorstep. This was in part because of the publisher’s sales pitch, partly seeing blockbuster books getting media attention, and partly because she simply didn’t know any better. She, like you, dreams. When you have a dream, you’re not always thinking of what supports it. For example, when you have a concept of your dream home, you’re not thinking of the foundation and infrastructure…you’re simply imagining living your life in the dream house. If you’re having a home built, you are well advised either to educate yourself so the contractor doesn’t take advantage of you OR to get a mentor/advisor to guide you through the process. Cheryl is a smart woman, and if she had invested in mentoring instead of a vanity press that promised the world but delivered a hollow ball, her story would have a much different ending.

How to Avoid Cheryl’s Mistakes

Here are some places where Cheryl went wrong. Understanding this will help ensure you don’t make the same mistakes.

1. Poorly defined goals

If Cheryl’s goal was nothing more than telling her story and making a few sales, she could accomplish this easily (and much more affordably) using any of several free publishing options. If she truly intended to have a speaking career or develop a business around her book, then getting guidance from a mentor would show her that she needed many more things in place before she decided to publish a book.

2. Lack of a business beyond the book.

She had no website, business or online presence. A book is nothing more than a lead generator. You’re only going to make a few dollars (or less if using a traditional publisher) on each sale, so having nothing more than a book is like chasing after dollar bills.

3. She did not hire a mentor to guide her.

If you were taking a trip through the Amazon jungles, the mountains of Peru or along whitewater rapids, you would have a guide, right? So then why would you expect yourself to know everything about how to write a book in a way that meets your personal and financial goals without a mentor? If you’re not already a successful author, why would you expect to know all the insider tips, profit strategies and industry secrets that successful authors know? After all, you don’t know what you don’t know. That’s why your best course of action is to get mentoring. The power of mentoring. If you get mentoring before you write a book or while you’re writing the book, this gives you a number of advantages. AND don’t worry if you’re already published and not seeing the success you desire, because if your book is already published, you can still benefit from mentoring.

How to Write a Book with Mentoring BEFORE You Start Writing

Getting mentoring before you write the book gives you the best possible advantage. A good mentor gives you templates that the guess-work out of writing your book and make it easy  For example, the system I teach, outlined in the Instant VIP: Insider Secrets to Fame, Freedom and Fulfillment as an Expert Author, shows you the 7 essential elements of a profit-producing book and the 7 elements of the (near) perfect chapter. That makes it easy for you to fill in the blanks and come out with a book that will wow your readers. The unfortunate truth is that a whopping 75 per cent of readers only read 25 per cent of a nonfiction book…and that’s only bad news when you don’t sprinkle your book with compelling reasons why the reader must opt in at your website.
Tip: If your intended mentor doesn’t have a proven system for how to write a book easily, then find a better mentor. 
A good mentor will share writing tips and tell you how to seed the book with opportunities to get more help from you. In the Instant VIP System, you’ll discover things like how to set up your website for success and how to ensure every reader comes straight to you. You’ll also discover how to make sure the end of your book is a beginning, not an ending. For example, having a last chapter that is called “summary” or “in conclusion” instantly shuts down the reader, because with a chapter title like that, you are already communicating, “We’re done here.” Tip: If your intended mentor does not teach you how to make your book the best possible lead generator, find another mentor.

How to Write a Book with Mentoring If You are already Writing Your Book.

Everything above applies. You may have to do a little “course correction” (editing), but with today’s technology, this is a simple matter. Jeremy Boone got mentoring while he was writing his book Parent Your Best, which is now a bestselling book. Because of mentoring, he picked up a bulk buyer that will mean thousands of book sales in one swoop. Mentoring gives you leverage, because you tap into someone else’s expertise!. and who doesn’t need that!

How to Write a Book with Mentoring EVEN AFTER Your Book Is Published

If your heart just hit the floor as you saw yourself in Cheryl’s place, you can stop worrying, because even if your book is “set in stone,” so to speak, there are plenty of ways to build a solid following and a business around your book. Let’s face it, if you were someone like J. K. Rowling, you wouldn’t be reading this article. “Household name” authors earning millions are rare. And even those authors have other sources of income in addition to their books (speaking, theme parks, licensing, courses, coaching, etc.) And if all you have is a  book, you can expect very little in terms of income.
Tip: A good mentor will show you how to build a reputation, a following, and a solid business around your book so that you have more sources of income than the meager earnings a book will bring to the vast majority of authors.

Are You a Good Autor Mentoring Candidate?

This will be a whole other article, but here are some qualities of a good candidate for mentoring with me.
  • Intention to be of value and service
  • Motivated
  • Willing to follow your passion
  • Positive attitude
  • Coachable
  • Finisher
  • Care about your customers
  • Build long-term relationships

Before You Invest in Author Mentoring

Before you invest in author mentoring, here are some things you should do. 1. Sniff out the mentor on your favorite search engine. Do they have a lot of listings and resources pointing back to them? (this can mean a website, books on Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and other places.. 2. Can the mentor explain the benefits of her system in simple terms without making you pull up a chair? My system has produced a number of #1 bestselling authors. I turn wanna-be authors into published author experts using simple systems and templates. 3. Does the mentor have a successful “track record”? You would want to see evidence that the mentor brings results for her clients. These are some authors who are working with me and already achieving successes with their bestselling books: Jeremy Boone (Bestseller, Parent Your Best), Cynthia Fertal, #1 bestseller (and after several weeks at #4) Imagine You Thin!), and Dr. Julianne Blake, #1 bestseller Kicking Chronic Pain). 4. Is  the mentor accessible? If you see references to this person everywhere, they’re definitely accessible. I often have people say, “I see you EVERYWHERE online!” That is exactly what you want to see, because it means the mentor is actively involved in their business and in their clients’ success. 5. It can be a good idea to get familiar with the mentor’s system through an introductory product. This allows you to see if you’re a good “fit” for each other. The mentoring relationship, like any other, thrives when there is a good match between mentor and mentee. Whenever someone buys a product from me relevant to writing a book, such as The Instant VIP System, you get a $500 value Author Master plan Strategy Session. You get valuable assistance understanding how to make your book a success, and if you are the right fit, you will be invited into the by invitation only VIP Author Mentoring program. 6. Find out whether the mentor have more than one option for mentoring, such as 1–on-1, group, or self-study. Private mentoring  is a bigger investment and lets you laser in on your specific needs. A A good group mentoring program is extremely valuable for growing a solid foundation for your book-business. It has the added benefit of group synergy and group support that self-study programs don’t. My program includes 24 teaching calls plus weekly open  Q&A calls.  Self study seems like an obvious choice, but because there is no “hand-holding” and, more importantly, no accountability, there may be no book. My experience is that people who THINK they’re good at self-paced study really aren’t that motivated and tend to “back-burner” their book for years. A good mentor has a solution. Because I know you’re no good on your own anyone who comes into a self-study program with me also gets a live “Monthly Momentum Call” during which you get to ask any questions you have regarding your book, website, book marketing or business. Calls are recorded and even if you’re not available, there is a simple way to ask questions.and hear the answers

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Written by Ronda Del Boccio

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