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Written on April 4, 2013 by Yvonne of

Hello my special friends! My name is Yvonne and I am your Fairy God Blogger.  I have known Judy (President of Hasmark Services) for quite some time.  Judy started a little business promoting authors online and mentioned to me she would have to hire someone if she got much busier.  I had been retired for almost two years and was going a bit stir crazy so told her I was available if she needed someone; and so my story begins.  I was here to see the birth of Hasmark Services Corp. and my job was to recruit partners for our book campaigns. This is like raising a child; I have been privy to many changes over the years.

I started by sending individual email invitations to prospective partners.  I remember the first time I received a reply telling me one of the contacts would support our campaign; I was absolutely blown away with excitement.  I have since become very close e-friends with several of our partners expanding my family even further.  Our business has grown enormously since then and Judy asked me if I would like to look after the blog.  I have never blogged but I thought, “How hard can it be?”  I was nervous but totally excited about this opportunity.  We went to Peggy McColl’s Online to Mega Riches event in Sarasota and together we presented my role as blogger.  We were not sure what my pen name would be so we asked the other attendees (now friends) for some possibilities.  Well, the first one was Fairy God Blogger and guess what?

Voila!  Here I am your Fairy God Blogger.  I thought I might need some help periodically so Judy thought that perhaps Bailey would be a good companion. Bailey is Judy’s pup who basically controls the household and anyone in it.  When I was babysitting Bailey I made sure I sent his momma a note from him every day so she would not miss him so much.  Of course Bailey had a lot to say since

I live in a senior’s gated community here in Florida.  This was totally new to Bailey and he had a lot of new experiences to share ;o).  Here is one of Bailey’s notes: “We went for a lovely walk last night and this morning and I am just waiting for my walk tonight - it should be shortly but we are going to eat first, yum yum.  I hope I see that funny looking squirrel I chased this morning.  You wouldn’t believe it Momma; he had really long ears and a short fluffy tail and he actually hopped all over the place.  He was much bigger than the Bradenton squirrels, interesting to say!!  Oh, and you won’t believe this but one of the old ones we met on our walk actually asked if I was a Canadian dog.  I didn’t think there was any difference but I guess there must be, eh?”  So when you hear from Bailey, now dubbed “Fairy Dog Blogger”, make sure you let him know how much you enjoy his input.  He will jump up and down and around in circles with excitement I am sure ;o)

We will be introducing guest bloggers every week.  We would like you to learn more about the craft of writing and who best to help you then other authors. The elements of writing, branding yourself, and bringing your book to market can be found right here at your One Resource for Authors.  If you would like to be a guest blogger please do not hesitate to contact me and I will send you some information to make it easy for you.  I can be reached at

Stay tuned, we’ll be back ;o)

Your “Fairy God Blogger” and Co.

Written by Yvonne


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Posted on: 2013-04-05 at 12:03:43
Great first blog! Looking forward to many more!
Amy Lusk
Posted on: 2013-04-05 at 12:53:12
Greeting Fairy God Blogger! Welcome to the blogesphere. I look forward to reading your musings.
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