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Hello my special friends, I would like to introduce you to Lisa Larter, a social media specialist and a very successful entrepreneur.  As Lisa says she helps entrepreneurs, authors, small businesses and corporations build relationships with their customers through social media so they can drive traffic and increase sales.  Often, she is the strategist who helps them figure it all out.  I guess you could say she is a serial entrepreneur with hard-hitting impact.   Lisa is known for her no-nonsense approach to helping business owners and executives drive results through solid strategic planning, social media, and customer experiences.
Lisa coaches clients to maximize sales and grow their business using social media, relationships, systems and technology. By utilizing best practices, her clients master how to immediately implement a plan to maximize their brand, increase sales and exponentially grow the platform from which their business operates.  Lisa has shared her words of wisdom on one very important aspect of social media.
Well Bailey my special Fairy Dog Blogger, what do you think?  Would you be willing to be coached by Lisa when you open your new business.  I believe you want to sell doggie biscuits, isn’t that right?  “Yes Fairy God Blogger, I would really like to have my own business and I have
been told that Lisa is the one to contact so I don’t make mistakes that will ruin my plans.”  I really want to be able to become an entrepreneur and am willing to work very hard.  After all, how can I test each batch of biscuits if my business fails.”  I am sure she can help you Bailey,
after all she has even spent some quality time with Oprah, how amazing is that.  “Well I bet Oprah would love to have me on her show as soon as I am as famous as Lisa!”  I am sure you would be the perfect guest Bailey.  You can get in touch with Lisa at her twitter account @lisalarter.
Lisa’s words of wisdom!
What to Do When Someone Is Impersonating You on Twitter
Let’s face it, sometimes you are doing such a great job in your business that someone else feels the need to copy you.  I am sure this happens to you in many ways, even if you don’t realize it.  Maybe it is the way you do business, how you dress, the words you use – those little things that make you, you.

But, what happens when imitation is NOT the sincerest form of flattery? Did you know that someone can copy your identity on Twitter?

It has happened to a few great Twitter peeps that I know, like and trust.  It happened to @CariCole last year, and the person who impersonated her was broadcasting very disrespectful tweets regarding her industry. This posed a serious problem for her as they were using her name, photo and bio. They even linked to her website, making the situation all the more problematic for Cari.

The great thing is, when you have built up a community on Twitter, it doesn’t usually take long for someone to notify you that this is happening. Marlene’s friends let her know pretty quickly so she could get a handle on the situation before it spiraled out of control.

The question then becomes how do you stop it?

Twitter makes it easy to Report Violations when this happens to you.

Most people don’t pay attention to the help section on Twitter but they should.  It can be a valuable resource to you.  If this ever happens to you all you have to do is click on Help from the drop down menu on the top right corner and you will automatically access the Twitter Help Center.

From there, click on Report Violations and then Report a Violation where you will next select Impersonation.

This page will give you all the details on how to submit a ticket to get your Twitter Impersonation resolved.  It is a simple process and, people I know who have dealt with these situations have had them resolved quite quickly by following the instructions on the Twitter Impersonation page.

Start paying attention to the posts you see.  If you come across a post from one of your Tweeps that seems a little “off”, take a second look and let your friend know. It may not actually be who you thought it was.  Impersonation in real life and on Twitter should never be taken lightly.

Happy and Safe Tweeting! And if we are not connected on Twitter you can follow me @lisalarter.
Take care and enjoy a perfect day my special friends.

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