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Hello my special friends, I would like to introduce you to Valderine Newton-Knowles.  Val is a new author. Through her book, No Shame! Only Power, Val teaches how to have greater self-esteem by looking to a higher power and identifying with it. By learning this truth and acting upon it one can learn how to enjoy an empowered life.  The book is written in three parts. Each part is a building block to help you understand all that God has for you to succeed.

If you're not experiencing the life of your dreams this book will set you on the right course with an understanding of God's Word that will help you develop a deeper relationship with Him.  No Shame! Only Power is launching next Tuesday, August 6th so you can purchase your copy then
at click here. 

Well Bailey, would you like to read Valís book?  I know she has a very powerful message to convey.  She does have a solution for you to help you conquer any challenges you may have in your life.  Well Fairy God Blogger, have you read this book?  You know I canít read so I will have to take your advice!Ē  Oh, I know you are just like Grampa Danny, you like pictures better than words so here you go, take a look at this trailer of Valís book:  then you can check it out for yourself.  ďOh, another nice book to put beside my bed and you can read it to me before I go to sleep!Ē  Yes, Bailey I think that can be arranged.

Valderine Newton-Knowles, author of No Shame! Only Power shares her words of wisdom with us.

Why I Write!

I am Val Newton Knowles, a mother, a wife, and a sister among other things. At heart I am just a people loving person with a strong desire to help others be the best they can be. My book, ďNo Shame Only Power,Ē is the avenue where I get to do this on a world-wide stage. The book is filled with encouragement and motivation to remind us all that we are destined to win. 
My ideas for writing are fueled by my desire to be of service to others. The challenges of life come to all of us, and sometimes, they can knock us out. It is in these moments when we realize that those challenges did not conquer us, but rather we overcame them, that we have something to share. I am a novice as an author, having only written one book so far, but I wanted to share some of my successes. I did not want to be an author, I wanted to help, and I wanted to help on a wide scale. I wanted to give people hope and encouragement. I have found that we have been knocked down enough already; it was time for some people to start picking us up, and helping to re-build us. I wanted to be a part of that. So my ideas for writing are always about how it is going to help someone else, and be an encouragement to them.
Finding things to write about is easy, I use my life experiences. I believe that our stories carry the power of mankindís deliverance. Knowing that someone else has walked the same road gives us an empowerment that we too can. I donít believe that everyone has to have an experience before they learn a lesson. Stories are made to be told and our love and care for each other should drive us to tell those stories. 
As a first time author, I learnt quickly to take control of my work. There are a lot of people ready and available to help, but we must be careful to not let them change our message. Know the message you want to get across to your audience, and stick to that message. Additionally, always write with love. As writers we hold the hearts of many and we must treat it as the treasure it is. Let your love for them shine through each time. 
Valderine Newton-Knowles

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