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Hello my special friends, I would like to introduce you to Rosalie B. Kahn. Rosalie started writing poetry at the tender age of five, and kept diaries from the age of twelve. Her first book, My Golden Butterfly, is a collection of poems dedicated to her son, Alex. Her second book, Grow with Me, is a compilation of inspirational poetry that she wrote from childhood, including poems inspired by her colorful life in foreign lands. Rosalie writes as an outlet to express love, pain, and the gamut of emotions in between. 
Well Bailey are you aware that Rudyard Kipling also wrote novels, poems and short stories?  He was the 1907 Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature.  I think Rosalie would be a very good candidate for this prestigious prize.  You may too especially if you get a chance to read her third book My Healing Heart, A Life Journey to Find Love.  ďI am sure you must have read Rosalieís third book to make that statement Fairy God Blogger.Ē  Yes Bailey, I did and found it to be full of adventures in different lands, of romantic escapades, and of a heart-wrenching loss.   ďThis sounds like a true story Fairy God Blogger.Ē  Yes Bailey, her story will tug at your heart and is definitely worth the read.  I will have to share it with you so you can appreciate the story of Rosalieís spiritual journey through life.
Here are Rosalieís words of wisdom:
Writing is something that we do because we love it! Inspired writing comes from a place deep within us Ė a pure place of beauty. We donít need to question our writing when itís inspired, and I think that we always know when it is! If we are writing with love on a subject that we are passionate about, thereís no doubt that the writing will be worthwhile. While we want to share our insights and knowledge on a topic that is meaningful to us, on some level, we are actually writing for ourselves. We are confirming how we feel; we are communicating with ourselves first, and then with others. If you love to write, there is no need to worry about the outcome. Let the words flow from your heart Ė your heart will never mislead you. If only one person sees your work and appreciates it, or if it changes one life, then itís worth it. 
As a child, I always felt the urge to write. I would sit in my room for hours and spill out all of my feelings on the paper. It was as though all of my pain was released on those pages of blue, or pink, or white, with lines, or without, in small books, or large note pads. They were the tears I didnít shed when my life turned upside down and when I had to deal with issues that were far beyond my ten years of age. Writing was (and is) cathartic for me. I would venture to say that it saved my life!
When we write with emotion, the heartfelt messages will be transported to the page and from the page to the reader. If you help one person with your writing, then you have changed the world.
Donít allow othersí opinions of your writing to influence you in a negative way. Your writing is good if you are writing it with heartfelt emotion! Donít give up. Keep writing and keep working at refining what you have done. Be passionate about writing and write about what you love! 
Listen to your heart. It will guide you in the right direction. Thereís nothing more beautiful than the written word Ė a word that heals, a word that inspires, a word that makes people think, or laugh! What a legacy you will have. Look within for the creative energy. If itís writing that turns you on, then write with all your heart. What is it you want to share with the world? What do you want others to know? What are you absolutely passionate about? Speak to us through your words and we will feel your love!
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