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Welcome my special friends, I would like to introduce you to Dina Proctor, no she is not related to Bob Proctor ;o).  She is a very special young lady and I have had the pleasure of meeting her in person.  Dina is the author of Madly Chasing Peace, which achieved a #1 Best-Seller on Amazon.  Dina is well known for her 3x3 meditation process.  "Well Bailey do you know anything about Dina’s 3x3 meditations?"  “No Fairy God Blogger”, is that 3”x3” or 3’x3’.  It sounds like it could be very small or very big!”  Well actually Bailey it is 3 minutes 3 times a day.  “Oh, I could probably do that, as a matter of fact I sit up on the back of our couch several times a day and could do it even more.  I  could even call it Bailey’s 3X20 meditation process, woof woof.”  Very funny Bailey but you know there are a lot of people out there going through tough times that could use this practice.
Look at Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas for instance.  Catherine is suffering from mental illness...exacerbated by drinking and pills (or so they say in the National Enquirer so you know it must be true ;o).  I think she would be much better off meditating to solve her dilemma of a pending divorce.   You are right Fairy God Blogger, what else does Dina have to say.  Well
just read on my friendly pooch and see for yourself.  I know, I know – you can’t read!!  Where’s your momma??
Making Your Book a Best-Seller
Write a good book. A really good book! One that makes your heart sing with passion as you write it. If you write from a place of deep connection and desire to contribute to the world that same place of connection will awaken in others and many, many people will resonate with your message and buy your book.
Visualize, visualize, visualize! Feel what it will feel like to call yourself a Best-Selling Author. As you walk by the best-seller shelves at the bookstore, vividly imagine your title sitting in the #1 spot. Believe, without a doubt, that your message adds value to the world and that it is worthy of being called a #1 bestseller. 
Imagine that it's six months after your book hit the #1 best-seller ranking. What advice would you give others as your tips to success? Follow any inspired ideas that occur to you. 
Add extra incentives for people to buy your book on launch day. Quality over quantity. For example, I recorded 9-minute interviews with people I consider to be thought-leaders (Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Arielle Ford, etc.) and offered those interviews as free bonus gifts.
Let your heart lead you. Don't make marketing decisions with your head, make them with your heart. I had lots of marketing advice from people I greatly admire, but if it didn't resonate with me I didn't follow it. For example, I was advised to get hundreds of affiliates and to lengthen my marketing copy and rework my bonus page layout. Those ideas didn't resonate (nothing bad about them, I just knew intuitively I didn't need to do them) so I didn't follow them. I still reached #1. The Universe already has a unique plan for you - take the advice of others if it resonates but if it doesn't, trust that your heart will get you there.
Get your book distributed and in place worldwide (or ensure your publisher takes care of this) before your launch day so it's ready and available to buy.
Ask people who believe in your message to email their lists on your behalf on your launch day. Again, quality over quantity. I had less than 15 people send emails to their lists for my launch. Most of the social media attention I got on launch day was from folks I hadn't even asked to help! 
Create compelling marketing copy and social media posts (from your heart!) for your launch partners to send to their email lists and post on social media the morning of launch day. Get this to them in plenty of time and follow up the day before with a reminder. 
Get 20+ positive reviews on before launch day. You can share the "proof" version of your book for people you know to read and review ahead of time. Try to get people scattered around the world to help with this to enhance your reach and credibility. 
Dina Proctor 

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