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Welcome my special friends, I would like to introduce you to Janyelle Huff author of "I'm More Than That".  Janyelle says her book is merely a prelude to discovering all the Universe has to offer as she guides, encourages, coaches, and teaches you along your journey, thus utilizing her intuitive abilities to motivate you to Grow, Heal and Develop the "U"nique You. 
Well Bailey, it sounds like Janyelle has a very worthy book in that she motivates you to grow, heal and develop yourself.  “Yes Fairy God Blogger but I don’t want to grow any bigger than I already am.  I am getting ready to go down south for the winter and I am really excited about visiting my friends at the doggy park, they won’t recognize me if I get too big!”  I don’t think Janyelle is talking about your size Bailey, she is talking about you as an individual.   Perhaps you should focus on addiction then, seems to me you are pretty addicted to your treats ;o).  “Oh Fairy God Blogger did you have to bring that up?”  Well Janyelle also focuses on NLP because she found it to work better and faster to combat addiction than any other counseling method she used in the past.  You know this is a problem with some of the rich and famous!  I just read that Charlie Sheen, Demi Moore, amongst many others famous people have had addiction problems.  Why the Windsor star even reported that Ben Affleck: The Argo director went to rehab in 2001 following a bender in Las Vegas.  According to reports, he admitted in an interview he was "just one bad night away from a big 'E! True Hollywood Story."  “So I am not the only one who is plagued by addiction?  It looks like this has been going on for a very long time, they should all call Janyelle for advice and counseling.”  Well, Janyelle’s words of wisdom are below and if anyone wants to visit her website the link is at the bottom of her blog.
Sense Yourself into Writing Success
Janyelle Huff
Write as if the book, journal, blog or note is for you, because it truly is, you know. Writing what you know is a strategy for your conscious mind to be convinced you trust you know and are ready to teach and share.  A self-help book, novel, or how to guide it all comes from inside of you. You write in your own representational system for others to grasp and learn from in their own unique way. Take a moment and look at what you are writing now, or something in the past; what sensing words did you use most?  See, hear, feel, taste, or smell to describe or convey your message?
Each one of us has a heightened sense, one sense we trust over the other senses, we come into the world with to understand and trust our surroundings and knowing. Which sense do you write from? There is no right or wrong sense; it is just an awareness of self expression for you.  Begin to challenge yourself to write from your other sense’s point of view in trust, this way you will begin to incorporate all senses in feeling your writing, for yourself and for your readers.
This will grow you and your reading audience, naturally those who’s heightened sense in trust match yours will more likely be drawn to your sense in style of writing.  How can you know that to be true? First, look at any feedback or testimonials you receive and notice the sameness in there sense talk as yours. Second, look at feedback that was critical, notice the difference in their sense talk? Yes, this is so natural, for most it is unconscious, however, if you begin to consciously be in awareness of your writing sense, you will successfully write to the audience that is you.  Oh, did you read that right? Yep, your audience is all a part of you.  Yes, you can use all the senses as one to write; I will share more with you about that as we go along.
Janyelle Huff

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