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Hello my special friends, I would like to introduce you to Bill King, author of Stinkin’ Thinkin’ Stinks launching on Tuesday, October 29th.  I have personally met Bill and I think he is amazing.  Bill has a blog about bullying and if you have ever been bullied as a youngster or an adult you know how terrifying it is.  I have to commend Bill for covering this topic in a way that makes us all feel more valued.  If you would
like to meet Bruiser, Stanky and Sweetie make sure to check out Bill’s webpage; the link is at the bottom of his blog. 
Well Bailey, my little Fair Dog Blogger, how would you like to meet the little Stinkers.  “Who are the little Stinkers Fairy God Blogger?”  Well they are the children of Stanky and Sweetie, Bill’s pet skunks.  This week they are talking about bullying.  “What is bullying Fairy God Blogger?”  Well let me tell you about bullying and the negative effects of it Bailey.  The best way to explain this is to refer to the recent news about a young girl who actually committed suicide because of bullying.  This was in the New York Daily news:  “Florida teen charged in death of bullied girl after turning a friend of the victim against her. Guadalupe Shaw, 14, and another girl were charged with felony aggravated stalking in the suicide death of 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick, who jumped off a tower last month. Sedwick's tormentors were relentless in their bullying, police said, and Shaw even wrote a heartless message on Facebook after the girl died.  Rebecca Sedwick took her own life in September after being bullied by 15 other girls.”

Oh Fairy God Blogger, Mr. King’s book is very important then, I will get my momma to purchase a copy so I can share it with my friends.”  Thank you Bailey, it will help to educate your peers on the horrors of bullying!
Now for Bill’s words of wisdom!
Bill King
writer, parent, stink expert
How do you engage kids and their parents with your book?
Humor.  Next question?  Seriously, I have discovered that kids, and most of us for that matter, tend to be more engaged when the topic is relevant and provides a bit of humor. 
Let’s get real, we all suffer from negative thinking, and there’s nothing that can be done to eliminate it completely.  Humor and relevancy are the keys to keeping a book in hands versus garbage cans.  Keeping kids engaged isn’t an easy task when writing non-fiction, that’s for sure. However, when done properly, it can actually be quite transformational for both child and parent. 
For example, let’s say your child has a negative outlook on life.  They have a sassy attitude, are shy, are self-centered, and complain every time they are asked to do anything around the house.  You know these kids, right?  I diagnose each of these symptoms as a simple case of STINKIN’ THINKIN’ and teach kids and their parents techniques to improve their lives. 
A parent could go buy another book that the child ends up not reading, or, the kid could go to my website and take a quiz to find out how bad they stink.  While you’re at it, both kid and parent could do a fun exercise called Take Out Your STINKIN’ Trash!  It’s easy, humorous, and transformational all at the same time. 
If you don’t like the negative aspect of this exercise, you could try Hey, SMELL This! because it helps us track our positive thinking.  The point is that the exercises are fun, and they provide real tools to help kids out of their funk.
What I have discovered is that kids like things that stink!  They joke about them all the time and use “bathroom talk” regularly.  They think it’s funny to see how bad they smell and will take the quiz over and over to see the different results.  My approach is to give them exactly what they want, meeting them where they are, while teaching a few things along the way.  Finding the right balance is the key, so I make things fun, colorful and engaging while I have their attention.
I have also learned that if I can engage the adult enough to do the exercises with the child, the results are staggering.  I sure know from experience that it doesn’t matter what we say, what advice we give, or how many times we say anything to our kids, they will listen to other people more than to their own parents. 
I don’t deliver anything earth shattering, but I do provide a fun and innovative way to look at and deal with negative thinking, with a twist.
Tom Lehrer’s quote says it all, “Life is like a sewer… what you get out of it depends on what you put into it.”  So my approach is to sneak in just a little bit of Sa-WEET stuff to counteract the STINKIN’ THINKIN’.
Bill King is a writer, trainer, positive thinking expert, and business executive.  He discovered his passion to help kids and transform parents and educators on positivity and awareness.

Written by Fairy God Blogger


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